Support Services

This is a developing area of service. Check back periodically for new developments.
Rocking R Behavior Services
Personal Mediation

Our personal mediation services are provided by an ordained minister with a background in psychology, mediation and behavior management. Sometimes it is helpful to have a neutral party moderate difficult discussions about your experiences, relationships, parenting issues, school issues, etc. Unlike traditional counseling, this service focuses not on the past, but on the present and the future you are moving toward. 

Our goal is to facilitate discussions and decisions based on your values and needs. While we are Christians, we do not believe you must share our faith or religious commitment to benefit from a helping hand.

Contact us to see how we can help. Cost is negotiable and may include mileage if necessary.

Behavioral Consultation

Our Behavior Consultant is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Licensed Behavior Analyst with years of experience in behavioral support from juvenile services and in-home support for families dealing with Austism, to supervising BT's and providing Safety Training for individuals and professional organizations. Services include consultation with schools, medical and therapeutic agencies, family support and Safety Training.

Ministerial Services

A wedding is a highly personal celebration of the joining of two lives. We have two non-denominational ministers ordained through the Universal Life Church who are certified and registered with Stevens County to conduct Wedding services. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss your needs and options. 

Cost is negotiable. In addition to choices about the ceremony itself, it may include planning, reception options, and mileage if necessary.


Funerals are as much a part of life as births and weddings. When it is time to say goodbye to your loved one, contact us. We'd like to discuss what your celebration of their life looks like to you and how we may assist in this difficult time.

Cost is negotiable and should include mileage if necessary

Household or Farm needs

Coop, one of our founders, is a clever fabricator. He has enough mechanical, welding, engineering and electrical experience, combined with a very creative mind, to create many things. If you have a specific task or project and you find yourself thinking "I wish I had" or "I wish I could", please contact us. Let him see what you need and what you have to work with, then collaborate with you on a solution. Our farm runs on his creativity!

Custom Art & Design

Logos, personalized art or craft items

Logos & Advertising Design

All of the logos for the Cooperative and our Divisions were created by our Arts Team. the Rockin' Arts. We have several packages available

The Rockin' Arts Team

Ross Cooper

Terrie Cryfynduw

Nayali Dodson

Trinidi Snyder

Logo Samples

The center logo was designed by Trinidi S. It was runner up for the Division. 


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