Merchant Policies

Delivery methods
One item: $5.00; Each additional item: $0.85
USPS Shipping
One item: $10.00; Each additional item: $5.00
UPS Shipping
Fedex Shipping
Delivery notes
  • Collection: Pick up at Rocking R by appointment at no charge. 
  • Delivery: Delivery (50 mile radius) Small orders $5.00 base + $0.85/mile. Large orders may incur additional cost. 
  • Shipping: Cost based on carrier, size & weight of items. 
Processing time
1-3 business days
Processing notes

Most orders are processed the same day they are received. Occasionally it may take a little longer such as in the event of a holiday, Special orders for handmade goods may take up to 3 weeks, depending on the product and level of specialization.

Payment options
Payment methods accepted